Imagine A Martial Arts Class So FUN That It’s Get’s Your Child Off Youtube And The Phone!

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Picture A Fully Immersive Training Experience That Works In Tandem With Intervals, Lights, and Music For A Non-stop High Intensity Class. We Guarantee That Your Child Leaves Sweating And Smiling.

Here’s What’s To Expect In Class


The Class Experience Is Where Magic Happens On The Mat

(AKA – our secret sauce)

Here’s How Class Works

Inspire Your Hustle

“I am BOLD, I am SMART, I am STRONG.” It’s our mission, our mantra, and how we start every class. We aspire to inspire.

Street Self Defense

Self Defense Every Class. What’s taught on the mat MUST work on the streets. It works for the little guy and is Jason Bourne approved.


Our Way.
Your Class.

Ready To Rumble Warm-up

“Let’s get ready to rumbleee” Ding.Ding. Heart rate up, it’s about to go down. Warm-up to old school + new school jams. We like our beats high and lights low.

Skills + Drills 30 Day Fight Camps

Glove Up for the best of ALL martial arts. Pop the pads, smash the mitts, pound our special tear-drop style water filled bags. Easy to learn + highly effective.

Power Down

Recover mindfully + celebrate leaving stronger. This is what you came for. This is why you joined.


The Dojo Vibes

(Probably the sexiest dojo in the world…)

Exit normal. Enter “Next Geno” dojo. We’ve broken away from the traditional mat + four walls. Our state-of-the-art sound and lighting system transforms with each part of the class. (Show us a cooler way to train?)

Ready for the Ultimate Martial Arts Experience?