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“ Nicholas has been demonstrating first time listener behavior when it is time to bathe, brush his teeth, get dressed/undressed, go to bed, and even turn off games/television he is interested in. He has done all of these things without mentioning getting a stripe for behavior “

Rebecca Truelove

San Antonio, Tx, Member for 1 year

“Jayden has improved tremendously by helping me with chores, assisting his little sister, and being a great first time listener. Overall, his character, confidence, and discipline are transparent at home, school”
Jonah Little

San Antonio, Tx, Member- 6 Months

“I love what it has done for my boys. They have become more confident, they’ve always been good kids but Karate Academy has brought out the best”
Rhonda Bradley- USAF- 19 yr.

San Antonio, Tx, Member for 2 ½ years

“Alessandra has made drastic changes in controlling her mood and expressing her feelings using words. Besides being able to control her attitude in a positive way, she has been sharing more with her brother. Thank you for everything you do. The kids love it here!”
Julie Howard

San Antonio, Tx, Member 6 months

“My son Asani has gotten dressed for school without being told. He also helps with the groceries, cooking, and cleaning. Karate Academy has helped Asani have respect for others and himself. It has also taught him a great deal of self-discipline.
LaQuisha McKinley

San Antonio, Tx, Member- 4 Months

“I found that Karate Academy is good for all kids especially those with behavior issues because it teaches them how to channel their energy in something new.”
Jennifer Martinez- 2nd Grade Teacher – 6yr. Teaching

Christian Evers Elementary, Member- 2 years


1. What Is Class Like?

Imagine your child leaving class inspired, empowered to make smarter choices, and stronger. That shift is our class.

2. Is There A Beginner Class?

No, don’t be surprised to see a black belt training next to a whitebait. Simple skills + simple drills is our training philosophy.

3. Does My Child Need Any Equipment?

We provide complimentary boxing gloves for your first class.

4. What Style Of Martial Arts Do You Teach?

There is no style. We teach the best of all martial arts. Mixed Martial Arts.

5. What Does My Child Wear To His First Class?

Comfy athletic wear.

6. What Age Do You Start?

We start kids at age 4

7. Do You Teach Teens and Adults?

Yes, we have evening classes just for them.

8. Are There Any Other Expenses?

If your child chooses to come to our light contact sparring days then you will need protective equipment. We do have quarterly graduations that require a $50 testing fee.


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