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Expert Martial Arts Training. 
Powerful Self-Discipline.
“Next Gen” Dojo.

Our Services

We are not your usual martial arts school. We combine the best of martial arts and train in the coolest dojo’ ever.

No Fake Forms. Impractical And Irrelevant Traditions.


Inspire your hustle – get yo mindset right


Enter the “Next-Gen” Dojo – Beats high, lights low = cool training vibes


Street self-defense – do what works


Recover – power down mindfully

Fight Camp

Fight Camp. Always changing. Always fresh. Best of Combat Sports.

Ready to Rumble

Ready to Rumble – Heart rate up, it’s about to go down!

The Program

A Martial Arts Program That Transforms Kids.


More Confidence

We will develop the confidence in your child to speak up and say “NO” to peer pressure.


Better Listening Skills

We will show your child how to become a better listener at home and school.


Discipline & More!

We will instill discipline in your child in knowing when to use martial arts and when to walk away.

Mr. Guevara

The strength of this process is when parent, student, and instructor work together as team to recognize, reward, and reinforce positive choices made by the student in a high energy martial arts community of like-minded families with the same goal in mind. Character Transformation.

Easy To Get Started

4 Simple Steps to Start

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What They’re Saying

Successful Students

My son has some special needs and is really enjoying the classes a Karate. It is teaching him about respect, discipline, focus and helping him to get physically stronger. He is very excited about going and looks forward to it every day. Highly recommended!

Priscilla Torres

My son has only been attending for 3 weeks, but he is motivated to continue. He is motivated to do chores without complaining, being respectful of authority and loves the classes!! He looks forward to advancing – think we found something he will stick with!!

Laura Boldt Jones

My kids have a different attitude at home, starting to have more respect for other people, Mr. Guevara and Mr Gonzales are great instructors and doing a awesome work with all the kids.

Roger Stadler